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I am building this c-160 as a school project. I am not using any plans I am just free handing it. The structural core, wing and tail are made of depron foam from and the outer shel is made out of epp foam from the same place. I am using 2 24g motors that each spin a 8X3.8 prop and have 14oz of thrust. The props are counter rotating. All the motors combine have about 30oz of thrust and the total weight of the plane is 40oz. The plane has a cargo door in the back that opens to drop stuff. It also has flaps and a steerable front wheel. The back wheels are tail wheels from a Hobbyzone Super cub and the front wheel is from a crapy piper cub. The wing span is 48" and the fuselage is 38.5" long. The wing has a airfoil and it has a carbon rod from in it. The wing and the fuse are covered in Mod Podge and varnish. I am using 9g servos from hobbycity and the motors and esc's are from there to.