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Cargo Condor

Cargo Condor

This is a big quad motor cargo plane. Its mainly made out of 6 and 9mm depron from RCFoam. The wing span is 70" and the fues. is 58" long. Its powered by 4 24gram 1400kv BL motors with counter rotating 8x3.8 props.

Weight: 4lb

Wing Area: 910

Watts (full power): 375

Wing Loading: 9.5 oz/sq.ft 

Motors: 24g blue wonders

Props: counter rotating 8x3.8

ESCs: 15amp

Servos: 9g

WS: 70"

Wing Chord: 14"

Fues length: 58"

Fues Height: 12"

Fues width: 7"

Vert stab height: 14"

Horizontal stab chord: 9"

Horizontal stab span: 23"

Wing: 9mm depron

Fues: 6mm depron