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CVI Accessories

Replacement Wire Rope Modules

Mounting hole spacing: 17mm

Black Anodizing - Soft

Silver Anodizing - Stiff

Wire stiffness / Payload chart:

3 Soft - 4-6 LB

4 Soft - 6-11 LB

6 Soft - 9-13 LB

3 Soft 3 Hard - 14-20 LB

3 Hard - 8-13 LB

4 Hard - 10-17 LB

6 Hard - 16-26 LB

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Inertia Plate (1.8kg) Oxidized Steel

The concept: Inertia. The more mass an object has, the harder it is to move. By adding mass to the isolated gimbal, it becomes more resistant to outside vibrations and moments.

The Inertia Plate is comprised of two 4mm thick steel plates. The standard CVI and CVI-U come stock with one 4mm steel plate. 

XL Mounting plate

Mounts to any standard cheese plate. Accommodates hole spacing for Movi and other standard gimbals.

Standoff and bolt thread size: 3/8"-16