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Frame Kits - Highly Customizable Quad Frame Hardware Kit

The Sport Quad V3.1 Frame Kit provides the necessary carbon fiber brackets and hardware to build highly customizable, light weight, and durable quad rotor platform with a built in vibration isolation system. This frame is designed to get the camera out of view of the props. Just add your own arms (1/2" wood dowels/aluminum towel rod/square carbon tubes) and electronics to complete the kit. The center plate and brackets are CNC cut out of high quality 3K carbon fiber. The vibration isolators can be tuned to work with cameras of all different weights, up to 10oz.

Scroll Down for build instructions.

Recommended Electronics:

4S Setup -

Motors: RCMC 3407 (Larger Option) - RCMC 2212(Smaller Option)

ESCs: RCMC 30A SimonK

Battery: 3000mah 4S

6S Setup -

Motors: RCMC 400KV 3407

ESC: RCMC 30A High Voltage ESC

Battery: 3000 - 4000mah 6S


Sport Quad V4 coming soon