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Slow Trainer

OUT DATED WEBPAGE - Please do not donate - Slow Trainer

Scroll Down For the Free PDF Plans!!!

This is a slow trainer ish plane I built for AV and skis. It is so stable that it will fly its self. I like to trim mine so it flies in big circles, then I just give it a little power and put the transmitter down. It will climb buy its self. Then cut the power and it will circle down and land its self. This plane will also carry a LOT of weight. I was using it to carry my 6oz HD cam. The plane only weighs 10oz so it will carry half its weight. If you are looking to build your first scratch built plane this is the one for you!!!

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Motor: Click Here

Battery: Click here

ESC: Click here

Prop: Click here

Weight: 11oz ( yours should not be over 13 oz.




Free PDF Plans:

ATTENTION: The PDF Plan Does NOT include The Wing or Instructions. For Instructions and instructions on how To BUILD and Shape the wing Watch the BUILD VIDS ABOVE!!!!!

It costs me $50 a year to have this website and i make no money off of it, so help pay for it by donating $5:

Slow Trainer (Tiled).pdf <-------- Click Here!!!