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Toy Rc Car Mods

Toy RC Cars

One day my friends and I were board so we were like,"Hu ha ha lets go to walmart" We rode the

bus there and we found these toy cars for $6 so we bought them and we also bought hamburger

buns and tennis balls. After that we went to taco bell. When we got home we made this movie

with the cars: 

After we made that movie I put a lipo barrery on my car and it worked great. The car is made to run on 4.5 volts but the battery I put in it is 7.4 volts so the car went a lot faster. After I drove it a lot the gears stripped so I took the motor out of the gear box and Put a prop on it. It worked great. The next day we went to walmart again and this time we bought $13 toy cars. We dident make a vid of these but we played with them a lot. I put a lipo on this one and it was a lot faster to. Here is the vid of that:

After that I totally pimped my toy car. I cut all the electronics off except for the motor and put all new stuff in. I put a 9g servo for the steering and I have a spektrum park flyer receiver on it. I hooked a 10 amp brushed ESC on the motor and I put in a 500 MAH 2 cell battery. I just hope the gears dont strip on this car. I spent like 4 hours on it. Here is the vid: