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Vibration Isolation Mounts

These wire rope isolators use steel cable to reduce vibration transfer from motors to the camera gimbal. Steel cable might not seem like an ideal material to isolate vibration, but when bent and braided correctly its more effective than rubber, foam, or gel.

This product is a kit. Assembly required


Weight: 18g each (with 2.4mm wire)

Height: 45mm

Mounting hole: Threaded (M3x0.5)

Max wire diameter: 1/8"

Payload Weight Options:

(Note: stiffness can also be adjusted by removing wire strands from the cable segment)

Extra soft 2.4mm wire minimum: 0.5kg each

Extra soft 2.4mm wire ideal: 0.8kg each

Extra soft 2.4mm wire maximum: 1kg each

(wire length: 13")

Soft 2.4mm wire minimum: 0.6kg each

Soft 2.4mm wire ideal: 1kg each

Soft 2.4mm wire maximum: 1.2kg each

(wire length: 11.5")

Hard 2.4mm wire minimum: 1kg

Hard 2.4mm wire ideal:1.8kg

Hard 2.4mm wire maximum: 2.5kg

(wire length: 13")

Soft 3.17mm wire minimum payload: 1.3kg each

Soft 3.17mm wire ideal payload: 2kg each

Soft 3.17mm wire maximum payload: 3.2kg each

(wire length: 13")